4W8X Update (28-Nov): Club Log information not yet complete. Still missing contacts. We are working on the problem. Do not send E-Mail to us about missing contacts. Please just wait! Thanks for your understanding!
Yesterday we took down the whole second location. Today we are dismantling the main location. We'll keep the 160m Vertical, the Beverages and the 60m Dipole. We'll hang up Vertical Dipoles for some other bands which we had used before in April. Only restricted operation during local nighttime.


4W8X Station Setup

Information on the radio/amps setups will follow after local setup.
The plan is to be able to produce 12-15 signals on any band/mode combinations.

4W8X Antennas
 Main QTHSecond QTH
160mTitanex V160 Vertical
+ Beverages EU/NA/SA
80mFullsize 4-Square
+ Beverages EU/NA/SA
40mFullsize 4-SquareFullsize 4-Square
30mFullsize 4-SquareFullsize 4-Square
20mSpiderbeam @14mH3-ele Yagi @12mH + Spiderbeam @14mH
17mSpiderbeam @14mHSpiderbeam @14mH
15mSpiderbeam @14mH4-ele Yagi @12mH + Spiderbeam @14mH
12mSpiderbeam @14mHSpiderbeam @14mH
10mSpiderbeam @14mH4-ele Yagi @12mH + Spiderbeam @14mH
6m5-ele Yagi @10mH7-ele Yagi @5mH (EME)
2m 2 x 11-ele Yagi @5mH (EME)
70cm 3.0m Dish (EME)
23cm 3.0m Dish (EME)


(History): 4W1A April 2023 Station Setup

The April 2023 pre-trip had 3 operators (Ben DL6FBL, Braco E77DX, Robert SP5XVY) on 3 operating seats (maximum 3 transmitted signals on 3 different bands at any time). Each operator was using the same operating seat all the time, we were just changing antennas outside (see picture gallery).

  • 2x Elecraft K3 + SPE Expert 1.3k-FA
  • 1x Icom IC-705 + Juma 1000
  • 2x MicroHAM MK2 interface
  • 3x Notebook computers with DXlog logging software

Finally we let the computers run in a wired Ethernet network, because under WiFi we experienced a higher number of unsynchronized contacts on the DXlog computers which also lead to upload errors over the 4W1A Club Log Livestream. Those upload errors will have been increased by the poor Internet connectivity over LTE, too, which we experienced on most local evenings. After all we are happy that we used Club Log Livestream, and we want to thank their team for providing such great tools for DXpeditions and regular HAM activities.

4W1A April 2023 Antennas

The April 2023 pre-trip 4W1A was only using wire antennas, however directly on the beachfront. A few pictures are in the picture gallery. Compare that with the table above, and you may imagine that 4W8X will be even somewhat louder than 4W1A. :-)

160mNo activity in April 2023 => wait for November 2023
80mNo activity in April 2023 => wait for November 2023
60mNo activity in April 2023 => wait for November 2023
40mVertical Dipole hanging down from palm tree
30mQuarterwave Vertical with two elevated radials
20mVertical Dipole hanging down from palm tree
17mVertical Dipole hanging down from palm tree
15mVertical Dipole hanging down from palm tree
12mVertical Dipole hanging down from palm tree
10mVertical Dipole hanging down from palm tree

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