QSL Information for 4W1A and 4W8X


  • Request your 4W1A QSL card / LotW here: 4W1A Club Log OQRS service.
  • Request your 4W8X QSL card / LotW here: 4W8X Club Log OQRS service (not active yet).
Using the Club Log OQRS service will automatically bring a LotW confirmation as well.

4W1A QSL card for the April 2023 pre-trip
4W1A QSL card for the April 2023 pre-trip
(4W8X QSL card will be shown here)

[27-Apr-2023]: We have applied for the LotW certificate from ARRL. Timor-Leste belongs to the shortlist of countries/entities, for which you must provide special documentation. We have uploaded our license and "Proof of Entry" (Passport/Visa) today, and wait for further processing by ARRL.

[28-Apr-2023]: LotW certificate for 4W1A has been officially issued.

[22-Jun-2023]: Paper QSL cards have been sent out this week! (for all OQRS requests that came in before Friday, 16-Jun-2023).

[10-Sep-2023]: All recent OQRS requests have been confirmed. Sincere Thanks to our QSL Manager Sven, DJ4MX. However we still accept OQRS requests for 4W1A.