4W8X Update (23-Dec): The 4W8X DXpedition is over. On Monday, 04-Dec-2023, at 04:59z the last contact went in the log.
Club Log and OQRS: All incoming messages regarding missing contacts have been settled. If you still miss contact(s) with 4W8X, please let us know.
Our callsign 4W8X has been pirated every now and then. Eventually you didn't work us, but the pirate(s).
However, if you once "saw" your contact on Club Log and later it had disappeared, of course we should have a look again.
Else, please request your 4W8X paper QSL card and LotW confirmation here.
Many Thanks for all the contacts. We hope you enjoyed our activity as much as we did. 73 and seasons greetings from DL6FBL and the team.


QSL Information for 4W1A and 4W8X


Using the Club Log OQRS service will automatically bring a LotW confirmation as well.

To prevent any misunderstandings: If you don't want to use "Club Log OQRS service", you can always send a classic QSL request by letter or via Buro to DJ4MX. Please also note that the full 4W1A and 4W8X logs will be uploaded to LotW before the end of 2024.

4W1A QSL card for the April 2023 pre-trip
4W1A QSL card for the April 2023 pre-trip
Request your 4W1A QSL card / LotW here: 4W1A Club Log OQRS service.
4W8X QSL card
4W8X QSL card (front of the 4-pager)
Request your 4W8X QSL card / LotW here: 4W8X Club Log OQRS service.

[01-Dec-2023]: Timor-Leste is still on the ARRL shortlist of countries/entities, for which you have to upload extended documentation like the license and "Proof of Entry" (Passport/Visa). ARRL has accepted our documentation today and has issued the LotW certificate for 4W8X.

[02-Dec-2023]: First LotW confirmations for Club Log OQRS requests have been uploaded.

[23-Dec-2023]: LotW confirmations for Club Log OQRS are up-to-date. 4W8X Paper QSL cards can be expected by the end of January or in February in March 2024. Please be patient as there was another DX activity on the air ( 8R7X ), and our QSL manager Sven, DJ4MX, was one of the operators!

[01-Mar-2024]: At the annual BCC meeting in January the QSL card design was discussed and finalized. There are two different designs: The first card sent out to all requestors is a 4-pager. It will carry the first 20 contacts. The 21+ contacts will be on a separate, double-side card. All 4/4 colored. All EME contacts will receive a special card!

[05-Mar-2024]: The printed 4W8X QSL cards arrived from the printshop. Our QSL manager Sven, DJ4MX, started working on the Club Log OQRS requests.

4W8X QSL cards arrived from the printshop
4W8X QSL cards arrived from the printshop

[13-Mar-2024]: Today all 4W8X direct QSL cards were handed over to Deutsche Post. Expect your cards in the mail soon! Bureau QSL cards going out via DARC.

4W8X QSL cards shipping
4W8X QSL cards shipping

History: 4W1A (April 2023)

[27-Apr-2023]: We have applied for the LotW certificate from ARRL. Timor-Leste belongs to the shortlist of countries/entities, for which you must provide special documentation. We have uploaded our license and "Proof of Entry" (Passport/Visa) today, and wait for further processing by ARRL.

[28-Apr-2023]: LotW certificate for 4W1A has been officially issued.

[22-Jun-2023]: Paper QSL cards have been sent out this week! (for all OQRS requests that came in before Friday, 16-Jun-2023).

[10-Sep-2023]: All recent OQRS requests have been confirmed. Sincere Thanks to our QSL Manager Sven, DJ4MX. However we still accept OQRS requests for 4W1A.

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