Individual Sponsors

We do not have Individual Sponsors for the April 2023 pre-trip. The pre-team is covering all expenses by themselves. If you are happy with our project and wish to donate, please use the Club Log Donate link:
Your donation will be counted against the cost for the April 2023 pre-trip. Any overlap will be counted against the cost for the main activity in November 2023.

If you wish to become a prominent Individual Sponsor for the November 2023 main trip (50€, 50$ or more), please contact us. All incoming donations of >50€ or >50$ will be listed below (alphabetically). Many thanks to:

  • First of all, special thanks go to HB9VQQ for selecting our 4W1A activity to win his prize for an DXpedition still making more RTTY contacts than FT8. As we did not use FT8 here at all, it was somehow easy to qualify :-). However we worked hard to add more RTTY contacts in the log before we shut down operation on Saturday, 22-Apr-2023 +/- 03:00z.

  • DK2JW
  • DK3HV
  • EA3HSO
  • EA3Y
  • EC5AN
  • K3SX
  • KL7KK
  • S58N
  • SV1LHZ
  • W1DF
  • W2LO
  • W9EWZ
  • WA2VYA