4W8X Update (23-Dec): The 4W8X DXpedition is over. On Monday, 04-Dec-2023, at 04:59z the last contact went in the log.
Club Log and OQRS: All incoming messages regarding missing contacts have been settled. If you still miss contact(s) with 4W8X, please let us know.
Our callsign 4W8X has been pirated every now and then. Eventually you didn't work us, but the pirate(s).
However, if you once "saw" your contact on Club Log and later it had disappeared, of course we should have a look again.
Else, please request your 4W8X paper QSL card and LotW confirmation here.
Many Thanks for all the contacts. We hope you enjoyed our activity as much as we did. 73 and seasons greetings from DL6FBL and the team.

General Information


In November 2023 there will be a good number of interesting DXpeditions on the air. Other teams have published lists of their "proposed operating frequencies" on their websites.
We strongly feel that this will not work out with so many activities at the same time - at least in the classic modes CW and SSB, and on the classic bands.
(And in the age of DX Cluster it truly sounds outdated, too.)

4W8X does not announce (try to block) frequencies.

When we QSY to a new band, we will live with the actual situation which we find on the new band. It means: we will respect ongoing pile-ups, and we expect the same from our fellow DX colleagues.

  • We encourage every DX TEAM to actively manage the bandwidth of their pileups to be as narrow as possible, even though it may be more challenging for the respective DX operator.
  • We encourage all CALLERS, especially in SSB, not only to call exactly "5up" - and exactly "10up" - and exactly "15up". Please also use the space in between! This also helps to narrow down the bandwidth of each pile-up!

How to find and work 4W8X on the air?

  • In CW and RTTY just check any DX Cluster, preferably those with Skimmer Support. They will know immediately where we transmit.
  • In SSB it will be more challenging (see the considerations above). Our best recommendation is using any DX Cluster - or listening and tuning the bands by hand.
    Whenever there is good propagation into USA, we'll consider to settle down somewhere in the General Class portion of the bands (relates to 20m, 15m).
    If you find us on SSB, and we haven't been spotted there on DX Cluster yet, please do so. :-)

In the beginning, we will always work SPLIT. During very slow periods in the last few days of the operation we may also revert to SIMPLEX operation. When rate is rising, we'll return to SPLIT mode, of course.
Just use YOUR common sense, and trust in us that WE know what WE are doing. :-)

  • For FT4/FT8 information please click here.


(History): 4W1A pre-trip operation April 2023

The pre-trip in April 2023 was not a full-blown DXpedition. We regarded it as a Scouting Trip to prepare for the bigger 4W8X activity coming in November 2023.

In April we were just 3 operators (DL6FBL, E77DX, SP5XVY), we had 3 radios/amps and we used only CW, SSB on 40m through 10m and classic RTTY on 20m for a total of 43.271 QSOs. We did not use FT8 in the April pre-trip. We tried to be on the air as much as possible, but we also needed time to make local arrangements etc. And sometimes we also had to sleep, as this was a 100% human operation. ;-)

Bands used by 4W1A in April
21.640 QSOs
19.761 QSOs
1.870 QSOs
November 2023
November 2023
November 2023
November 2023
November 2023
November 2023
November 2023
November 2023
November 2023
1.943 QSOs
653 QSOs
November 2023
2.656 QSOs
November 2023
3.008 QSOs
3.708 QSOs
1.870 QSOs
3.324 QSOs
4.346 QSOs
November 2023
3.466 QSOs
4.387 QSOs
November 2023
3.507 QSOs
3.290 QSOs
November 2023
3.736 QSOs
3.377 QSOs
November 2023
November 2023
November 2023
November 2023

You can find more interesting statistics about the 4W1A activity in April 2023 on Club Log.

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