4W8X Update (28-Nov): Club Log information not yet complete. Still missing contacts. We are working on the problem. Do not send E-Mail to us about missing contacts. Please just wait! Thanks for your understanding!
Yesterday we took down the whole second location. Today we are dismantling the main location. We'll keep the 160m Vertical, the Beverages and the 60m Dipole. We'll hang up Vertical Dipoles for some other bands which we had used before in April. Only restricted operation during local nighttime.

Welcome to Timor Leste

4W8X DXpedition - November 2023

Planned for 2020, but stopped out by COVID-19, the Lagunaria DX Group goes to Timor-Leste in November 2023.
In April 2023, a 3-men scouting trip successfully worked 43.000+ QSOs as 4W1A from our prospected QTH.
They refreshed all contracts that we had originally made (and paid!) in 2020.

Key facts:
  • 20 operators from Germany, Austria and Poland.
  • Material is underway in a 20-foot seafreight container.
  • Setup schedule: First pioneers on site: Sunday, 05-Nov-2023.
  • On or after 06-Nov first signals on the air, only few hours per day.
  • Multi/Single participation in WAEDC RTTY Contest, 11-12 November 2023.
  • Sunday, 12-Nov-2023: team is complete, finish setup, start 24/7 shifts.
  • CW, SSB, RTTY and FT4/FT8 - two signals per band at the same time.
  • EME operation on 50 MHz, 144 MHz, 432 MHz and 1296 MHz,
    including ARRL International EME Contest on 25-26 November 2023.
  • 25-26 November 2023: CQ WW DX Contest CW (Multi/Multi).
  • After CQWW: station will be dismantled and re-packed in the container.
  • 3 team members stay until 06-Dec-2023 to handle the container export.
  • They keep operating with simple gear and take it home in flight luggage.
73, The Lagunaria DX Group
Ben, DL6FBL (Team Leader)

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